classic pairings . . .

W I N D S O R   S M I T H    &   A R T E R I O R S 

Here's why this is so great...

 Windsor Smith, one of the biggest names in the industry, named by Veranda Magazine as one of the top 25 design influencers, designer to the stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, and of course one of my favorite designers of all time, joined Arteriors as their newest guest designer.

Windor Smith uses classic elements such as the Greek laurel wreath, Roman columns and urns - pairs them with modern details like polished nickel and brass finishes, touches of Danish Modern and even some equestrian influences to create a collection that is timeless and glamorous. 

A unique mix done to perfection.
Arteriors has long been a go-to for finding great accessories and interesting pieces - perfect for that layered look and eclectic feel I love so much - now there are 40 more! 

Yes, there are 40 pieces in her collection, go here to see them all.

images: arteriorshome.com


spring hero

    Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere....
I've heard many creative people say this and Yann Delacour's Polaroids are such beautiful examples.

 The Hermes magazine came in the mail the other day and while flipping through it I was so taken with the article by Stephane Wargnier and, of course, with these images by Yann Delacour.

 Delacour sees art in the simple and often overlooked elements. His compositions are created by capturing these small details, which makes them interesting, making them the star. 
"the photographer makes weeds the hero in his story of organic life."

And with mounds of black snow still lingering here in Chicago, the sight of just a bit of green would be so welcoming!  

As Wagnier so eloquently discribes him,
Yann Delacour is a true "poet of small things".


images: Yann Delacour 
 quotes: Stephane Wargnier


wednesday whites


Light, bright and airy, that's what I see in these.
I also see lots of natural light, great art, fresh flowers and a collection of interesting chairs. Having a classic Eames chair or a Thonet bench doesn't hurt either. 
Besides a beautiful, functional and well appointed desk, what else would one want!?


images: pinterest


it bears repeating...

It had to be done....this is stunning.


design: Catherine Kwong
image via: pinterest 


Black + Gold

simply done and done right.


images via: pinterest


seasonal style

black + white and holiday inspiration

Happy Holidays!


all images via pinterest


design to the letter . . . continued

i s   f o r  K A S L E R
has easily been one of my favorite designers from the first time I saw her work years ago. 
She has been in every high end design publication from 
House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Veranda and Architectural Digest ...just to name a few.  

She has designed beautiful products lines from

 as well as 

 and carpet.

Her office is beyond enviable...

Her books are a must for any design library,

her body of work is impressive and her interiors continue to inspire. 

"A room should be collected not decorated"~Suzanne Kasler

In my very first post, which was all about what inspires
 me as a designer and artist, I of course added her in the mix. 

Suzanne Kasler is the epitomy of
 classic ... sophisticated ... timeless.


images via: pinterest