friday flowers

S p r i n g   i s   h e r e   t o d a y !

I imagine I speak for all Chicagoans in saying...please stay!

With the hint of spring in the air I wanted to bring some of it into my office. It's been a VERY long, cold winter. Earlier this week I stopped in Jayson Home and Garden for some inspiration and picked up a few things. 
I spotted this amethyst. Is just so pretty and I'm already inspired by its color. 
I love a little touch of purple. And this delicate topiary, called  (angel vine), reminds me of the little spring buds that will start to show up soon.

I think I'll go back a get a few more, the more spring & angels the better.

An angel can illuminate the thought and mind of man 
by strengthening the power of vision. 
-St Thomas Aquinas
Have a great weekend!



friday flowers. . .

 and a peak at my new foyer. 
It looks very much like my old one as 
I used the same mirror, table and lamps.  
 I'm also sticking with my black and white ribbons this season and my old favorites
 white hydrangeas.
 One change is what is relfected. From one angle, 
I'm able to see down the hall which has built-in bookshelves and the start of a gallery wall... 
(which still needs work). 
 From the other you can see one of my paintings -- a large 48 x 48. 
(which I'm also still working on!)

Hope you are all enjoying this holiday season.
And I promise to start blogging more too!

Happy Friday!



color stories

o  x  b  l  o  o  d

the color of the season . . .

Oxblood is that deep, almost brown red. You see it everywhere in fashion now and yes, it's definitely in vogue.  While it may be the "it" color of the season,  I see it as timeless ... think of those classic men's oxford shoes.
I'm using it this fall as a pop of color, like the chair in the first photo or even the towels seen in the Architectural Digest spread of Tiffany & Co. designer's Lambertson and Truex's bathroom.
Even easier... pick up some flowers like these amazing "oxblood" peonies and bring the color of the season indoors.


photos via: pinterest


Friday Flowers

s i m p l e

glass vase, same flower, one color

I just moved to a new apartment last weekend...
really longing for a bit of simplicity.

These are perfect!




b l a c k  or  w h i t e

Personally. . . I love white,
 but these black bookshelves are as chic as it gets.
Which one do you prefer?



Friday Flowers

. . . simple and sweet
Hope your summer days are going just the same.



back to basics...

C L A S S I C * S O P H I S T I C A T E D * T I M E L E S S  

It's been quite some time since my last post and
the longer I'm away, the harder it is to get back into the swing of things. So I thought I'd go back to the basics of what my blog is all about...  classic, sophisticated, timeless inspiration.

This image, I believe is just that and more.

This chic space has symmetry, adding a sense of formality along with the crispness of the black and white pillows. We have height from the gorgeous windows and the classic parson style bookshelves. Yet the appeal comes from the mix of using all of these elements together, creating an inviting room of casual elegance.  The addition of the rugged wood statue and the basket and topiary serves to provide even more balance.  Now toss in some books, hydrangeas, the modern, wide-planked, limed oak floor, and just a touch of (very much in vogue) gold hardware and you have the perfect space.

Did I miss anything??